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Parrot Rescue!

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Re: Parrot Rescue!

Postby liz » Sat Aug 12, 2017 6:56 am

These little "bird brains" know more than we will ever believe they know.

How does a bird know where your ears are and what they are for. When mine whisper they always get up against my ear.
I am sure they know what hands are and what they can do even though they do not have them. Mine know what "owe" means and will say it if I do not when I get hurt.
The only thing I have seen that does not make sense is when I let them choose their own pistachio and they don't pick the big one.
Mine know they are part of the family and have learned the names of the others.
When Myrtle grew back her flight feathers she took charge of a situation that Rainbow was in. Rachel's baby boxer was following Rainbow too close when she swooped and scared him away.
Myrtle came from a dark and scary place. She was terrified of the CAG in the cage touching hers. She said "hello" to Rainbow the first time she saw her. They said hello so many times that Rainbow asked her "you got'a problem". How did she know that Rainbow was a good bird?
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