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I Met a Cockatiel at a Store, Are They Good Pets?

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Re: I Met a Cockatiel at a Store, Are They Good Pets?

Postby Georginia » Fri May 05, 2017 2:29 pm

liz wrote:Georginia, they are special little birds as you can see in my info box I have quite a few. Even my handicapped birds seem very happy to be in my flock. They start singing about an hour before the break of dawn and continue through the day. Their only quiet time is between 2 and 4 pm. I don't understand it but they even sometimes sing in the middle of the night. They are flockers and do not do well alone.

Some people have single cockatiels but if your read those posts the humans are owned by the bird. These people have wrapped their whole world around their birds.

I think you are wanting more than you can handle. You have not been able to bond close enough to your budgies to see what wonderful little beings they are.

I don't remember if you said how old you are but you also need to think into the future. I have some that I have had for 18 years and they are still going strong. When I die my birds are in my will because even the cockatiels can live to be 25.

Liz, trust me, I know what great birds budgies can be! Before I had Skittles and Nico, I had a female budgie named Bella, we were both really close. She came to me already liking humans. She belonged to a man who worked at a pet store, who loved her very much. When we first met her, the man actually had her hanging out in his shirt pocket, she was just sitting there with him! She always liked being out of the cage, and would enjoy just sitting there with you. Plus, it's not like the birds hate me, like I've said before, Skittles doesn't like hands, but does step up (not on command, but if you put your arm by him), likes head scratches, and will waddle up onto my shoulder.

P.S. I did not re-home Bella, by the way. She died, though, it remains unknown how.
I currently have two male Budgies, whom I love very much! I hope to soon expand my bird family and adopt more loving feathered friends into my home!
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