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Before you surrender your parrot to a rescue

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Re: Before you surrender your parrot to a rescue

Postby Pajarita » Thu Jan 04, 2018 11:39 am

Well, it's up to us, animal lovers, to change them. People are becoming more and more aware of the situation and realizing that PIJAC and, I would assume, the Canadian equivalent, are not friends to the animals but the opposite. Lots and lots of petitions going around all the time...

USA, which we used to consider the leader in both human and animal rights, is way behind all other developed and even some undeveloped countries in this... And, unfortunately, things have gotten much worse for animals here as a lot of the little steps forward we had taken have been dismantled. Now, we are back to importing lion trophies legally [and we almost did it to elephants, too!], we eliminated the USDA database of animal abusers so nobody knows if a breeder or a store is a good place, we turned back the organic fowl industry protection for the animals, hunts are been allowed left and right, natural habitats are being decimated, etc etc. Everything to benefit large companies which certainly do not need more money and animal suffering be damned...
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