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Captive dogs in Vietnam

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Re: Captive dogs in Vietnam

Postby Java » Mon May 24, 2010 4:24 pm

Ewwwww. It totally makes me gag to think of eating a cat, dog, or other animal that we consider companion pets. I also don't eat fish (except for tuna fish). I realize some folks in other countries consider cat/dog like delicacies, and eat insects too in some countries.

I have no problem eating meat, but I am boring in what I will eat. I will eat pork, chicken and cow. I would not eat lambs, rabbits, birds other than chickens.

I am not a vegetarian, and that seems really boring as I have horrible imagination in what I could think to make with vegetables.

I cannot see meat ever being not available, what would happen to all the McDonald's, Burger King, fast food restaurants, and the lose not having meat wiouuld cause to their bottom lines.
There is only so much you can do with veggies and I cannot see a menu full of fast food items made with just veggies.
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