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Postby Pajarita » Wed Oct 10, 2018 11:46 am

WONDERFUL owls pictures and descriptions from Audubon - enjoy! ... 9_owloween

As an added interesting note, in Spanish, we have a different name for the members of the two sub-families of the strigiformes [all the owls]: we call the Strigidae 'buhos' [your ornithologists call them 'true owls'] and the Tytonidae 'lechuzas' [the barn-owls family]. The main difference is that the 'true owls' have a bigger and rounder head with a round face 'disk', larger eyes and closer together while barn owls have smaller heads with a heart shaped face disk, smaller eyes and more separated, true owls also have a slightly slimmer body and smaller feet and, usually, some kind of 'standing up' feathers on their heads [think the horned owl].
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