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New addition to family

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New addition to family

Postby BerlinKhan » Wed Aug 07, 2019 2:36 pm

Hello everyone,,
Yesterday, we adopted a dog from NYC Animal Control. We were going to reduce the number of dogs through natural attrition -which was not going to take very long as we had soooo many very old dogs- and just keep the three young ones we now have because we are moving back home in 5 or 6 years and the less animals we need to move, the better off we will be. But I was missing my little babies so much (we had to put down two little la movers dogs in less than 2 months) that I told my husband I was going to look for another one. And, because one of the two little ones we had to put down was his beloved Bunny (a small bichon/maltese mix), the only thing he said was to make sure that it was EXACTLY as I wanted it and not to be swayed by a sad story (this is because I never actually choose, I just take whoever needs it the most). So, in order to make it so I could help out an animal in need but still get what I wanted, every morning and every evening, I looked in Animal Control and kill shelters websites. But, because what I wanted is what most people want (a young -less than 5- small -no more than 8 lbs- loving and healthy female), it wasn't so easy.

Yesterday morning, I saw two possibilities in the Manhattan shelter for NYC Animal Control: a female Chihuahua thought to be around 6 years old and a female toy poodle thought to be 3 years old. So, at 12 noon sharp (when they open for adoptions), we were already in the waiting room with our application all filled up and our documentation ready. I asked to see the poodle they had listed as Tiara (5 lbs) first because, been a white and tan poodle, she resembled most my husband's Bunny and, of course, that's the one I took because whichever dog ends up been the first in my arms is also the last and the one I take :D .
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Re: New addition to family

Postby liz » Fri Aug 09, 2019 6:22 am

Good morning.

We all love dogs but this is a Parrot Forum.
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Re: New addition to family

Postby Pajarita » Fri Aug 09, 2019 9:53 am

Well, Liz, she did post it on the forum where anything is allowed.

Not to make you feel bad, Berlin, but I adopted a maltipoo (maltes/poodle mix - VERY similar to a maltes/bichon mix) female only 3 years old from NYC Animal Control - also because I knew my husband would adore a little, white, curly haired female after having to put our bichon/maltes mix, Bunny, due to kidney failure. She was the love of his life and claimed he would never love another dog the same way - but he was wrong :lol: because he now adores Baby (as I knew he would)!
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