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Petition for roller pigeons

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Petition for roller pigeons

Postby Pajarita » Wed Sep 18, 2019 8:21 am

Please help by signing the petition. I don't know if you know of roller pigeons. I once went to Connecticut to pick up a Spanish Timbrado (son of the champion singer of the state) and the man also bred other birds, parlor roller pigeons among them. And he showed us what they do and why they are called 'roller' pigeons. Basically, they literally roll on the ground because, when they try to fly (there are other varieties of roller pigeons that can fly), they cannot and roll on the ground instead. He was very proud of his pigeons and showed us by starting one downhill! I was horrified and frantic, running after it, trying to stop it! I could not believe my eyes! They have been bred to become so very deformed that this is the only thing they can do. Talk about cruelty, right? Well, the petition is for a notch above this cruelty: they use them as bowling bowls! Can you freaking believe it?! ... s-ontario/
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