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Is everybody OK?

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Re: Is everybody OK?

Postby Pajarita » Fri Apr 17, 2020 9:15 am

Yes, we will all have to be less strict about what the animals eat, I guess... My husband has been telling me that I need to relax a bit with the parrots (this is his way of telling me I have to stop being such a maniac :lol: ) and that the birds won't die if they have to eat seeds and apples for a couple of weeks. And I know he is right but I've been doing the 'maniac' thing for so long with their diets that it's hard to change from one day to the next. The ones that have already become difficult to feed are the pigeons -we can't find wild bird seed in any decent quantity anywhere- so I had my husband buy a 20 lb bag of brown rice and I've been cooking a pot of it everyday and mixing it with a bit of canned cat food (pigeons are omnivores and can use a bit of animal protein this time of the year). Thankfully, so far, my birds have had -more or less- the same good diet they have always gotten and a friend in cats (these are the people who keep in touch after they adopt a kitten from me) dropped a box on my porch yesterday with two HUGE bags of quinoa, a BIG bag of kale and a note to let me know of two places in NJ called Restaurant Depot that are now selling restaurant supplies to the public so that's where my husband will go today (they had paper towels YAAAYYYY!).
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