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Postby Pajarita » Sun May 10, 2020 10:21 am

To all the mothers and all the fathers that are also mothers to their babies! Hope you all have a wonderful day even if your human children cannot come to celebrate with you... My US daughter came yesterday with her husband and children to do a 'sidewalk visit' (they stand on the sidewalk and I stand on the porch) with their masks and their gloves and a big bunch of flowers, chocolates (dark truffles) and cards made by the grandkids. There will also be four or five 'facetime' calls after 2 pm (because it needs to be after the birds are put back in their cages and today they are going in a bit early so mama can enjoy a nice afternoon watching movies and having tea and chocolates in bed :D ) for the kids back home.

For all the mothers pleasure: baby animals livestreams ... gwMDMwMwS2
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