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Best Type of Style of Bird Feeder?

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Best Type of Style of Bird Feeder?

Postby banuvatt » Mon Aug 10, 2020 4:54 pm

So, being in quarantine has given me A LOT of time on my hands. Sometimes it's a good thing other times not so much. However, I have been getting more interested in bird watching. I have made two feeders already, the first one was a swinging platform feeder(it worked okay but, not the best.) The problems I had with it were well it was so light so if a large bird lands on it in this case a band-tailed pigeon it will swing violently. Not to mention when the bird takes off, the seed would fly everywhere.
So the second feeder I made was a tube feeder out of a clear plastic tube that came with a pack of zip ties, and chopsticks I trimmed down the tapered part off and painted red to match the cap. Not only that but, I read off a website that birds are attracted to the color red(not sure how true that is, but it works.) I had to make some modifications I made the feeder holes go under the perch(the birds seemed to have a hard time getting it) so I switched the sides and drilled some holes for the perches, and the feeder hole but, the feeder hole is above the perch. They seem to like that a lot better. I also put a tray beneath it so larger birds can use it.
I am now am planning on making a bird feeder that is permanent. It was going to be a hopper style feeder, but with individual feeding holes instead of one continuous slot. Also individual perches instead of one long perch that is parallel to the feeder it is perpendicular. I got this idea from a video online hopefully this reduces the chance of disease spreading. Also, I thought of putting a tray underneath it to catch unwanted seed to reduce waste so the larger birds can eat from it. But, also to reduce the number of squirrels in my backyard. I want to ask what is the best type of style of bird feeder in your opinion? I want something that is water tight so the food doesn't spoil, but also to make sure it is easy to clean, and sanitary to reduce the chance of disease, and outbreak.
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Re: Best Type of Style of Bird Feeder?

Postby Pajarita » Tue Aug 11, 2020 8:04 am

I am afraid I can't help you with this. I feed birds every morning but all I do is simply spread seed (and the leftover gloop) on the driveway - my husband hates it and usually hoses it clean in the evening when he waters the garden but, by then, there is only empty shells. I also feed a bluejay pair in the backyard but they eat from a stainless steel bowl (a medium size dog bowl) that I place inside a flower pot holder that hangs from the fence. It started out as a feeder for the squirrels but the bluejays discovered it and come to feed from it every day - which is fine because the food I put out is corn and sunflowers seeds and whatever fruit is leftover from the birds. Nothing goes to waste in my house, all the leftovers are used to feed wild animals.
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