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Advice on a situation

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Advice on a situation

Postby cstone01 » Mon May 10, 2021 12:46 pm

Hello, I would like some advice on a situation. I was at the vet earlier this morning taking my birds to get their nails trimmed, there was a woman there with a white front Amazon with a severe sinus infection. She was unable/unwilling to pay for treatment after getting a quote. The vet called a local rescue but they are not able to take any birds at this time especially with high vet bills. The vet told the woman she could take him home but he very well may not survive. The woman was getting upset and loud saying the vet should treat him for free. I talked to the woman and approached the vet. The woman said she would give him to me if I payed for his treatment and the vet said he would discount the treatment and his boarding in the hospital cage.

I authorized $500 in treatment and the vet said they would contact me after that. We are in a very Fortunate situation and it will not be a problem to pay for the birds bills even if it runs to a few thousand dollars.

I am just wondering if anyone has been in a situation like this before and what they recommend? I signed treatment authorization paperwork with the vet but the woman in no way signed the bird over to me, in fact she left the office after saying I could have him while I was still negotiating with the vet. Is this going to be a major problem? I have no history on the bird and he had never been to the vet before. I’m a little worried about the legality of this woman claiming the bird in the furure.

I am also not sure if I will keep the bird long term, I just didn’t feel like I could let him go without medical treatment when I had the resources to easily fix the situation. We will at least be a temporary home until he gets better and maybe find him a forever home after that. He was handleable and relatively well behaved but I understand that he is very sick and may not be acting like himself. I would also not be completely against paying for his treatment and reuniting him with his owner other than the fact she seemed a little unbalanced and reactive at the office... she may have just been under a lot of distress. I Have not asked the vet for her contact information and I’m not sure if they can legally get it to me but after thinking over this I may ask for it. The woman seemed to know very little about the bird, she did not know his age and said she got him from a neighbor. She did not even know what type of Amazon he was.

Thanks for any advice, I left the bird and should get an update Later tonight or tomorrow from the vet. They are putting him on antibiotics and giving him supplemental oxygen for now.
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