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Cuttle bones come from Cuttlefish

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Cuttle bones come from Cuttlefish

Postby Kathleen » Wed Oct 28, 2009 10:33 am

You may be wondering what is a cuttlebone? What are cuttlebones made from? What is the purpose of a cuttlebone?

Cuttlebones are a great source of calcium in the diet of a companion parrot. :budgie:


Cuttle bones actually come from an organism called the Cuttlefish, from the Order, Sepiida. They are related to the squid, the octopus and the nautilus. They are not a fish despite their common name, they are molluscs. They have an internal shell called a cuttle bone, making them unique among squid and other molluscs. The cuttle bone is porous (full of small holes) and made of calcium carbonate. The structure is used to control buoyancy (position in the water) through control of the amount of gas and liquid inside the cuttlebone.

Every species of cuttlefish has a different size, shape and texture of cuttlebone. They have also been used by jewelers and silversmiths for as molds for casting objects. Cuttlefish also have special pigment cells which allow them to change color. They are called chameleons of the sea. This is used for communication and camouflage. (
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Re: Cuttle bones come from Cuttlefish

Postby MandyG » Fri Oct 30, 2009 10:22 am

Interesting! I've never actually wondered what a cuttle bone was, but that's really neat, I'm glad I know now.

Thanks for the info!
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