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Traumatize Echo parakeet

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Traumatize Echo parakeet

Postby kakapete » Sun Feb 07, 2010 2:44 pm

Wondering what is an Echo parakeet aka Mauritius Parakeet?
It is one the the rarest bird, or one of the rarest parakeet in the world. It is an endemic bird which can only be found in my country, Mauritius. If you want more info:

Wanna know it's price? ... 392&page=2

Some pic of an echo parakeet: ... egory/C51/

I've have a 2 months old echo parakeet at home. The problem is that the place where he was living before, dogs were usually able to reach his cage and bark at him...he is really traumatized now...

As soon as i approach the cage, he start to move around randomly and climbing the cage! On doing this, he usually hurts himself.

I would like to know if their is anyway or any advice on how i should tackle this problem...
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