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Water filter system safety

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Water filter system safety

Postby BlackoutCat » Mon Apr 27, 2015 1:28 pm

So we bought a new water filtration system for our house as the sediment in our drinking water was visible while running tap water. We would in fact have to run the tap for five minutes on cold just to clear the visible particles. Who knows what was still invisible in the "clear" stuff. Point being we have a large gravity water filtration tank (Santevia countertop model) now and I've never enjoyed drinking water before this thing. I was planning to supply our future bird with this water however the system is a remineralizing type. After filtering out stuff it puts minerals back in, including zinc. The zinc got me worried as there were no measurements given for the final product so I contacted the manufacturing and testing facility. They say about 0.016mg per liter which is 16 ppm is normal for the filtered water. Of course the final number varies with the municipality providing the water and the piping traversed before exciting the tap and I'm going to get a professional test done on our tap water soon.

I'm not thinking that concentration is dangerous. I'd like a second opinion on that though. Having only approximates and comparisons for things like pumpkin seeds is not (in my opinion) worth banking a life on.

Any thoughts on this?
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