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Help! Extremely painfull pinfeather

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Help! Extremely painfull pinfeather

Postby Katerina » Wed Jan 18, 2017 5:50 pm

Dear all,

Kiki, my peachfaced 13 year old lovebird, has been going through a tough month.
At the begging of his molting phase he had a pinfeather on his right wing that made him 'scream' sometimes.
Now, after a couple of weeks, he developed another one which is almost ready to open. He is in a real pain, making heartbreaking voices and being afraid to get out of the cage.

Can I do anything to help? Does it sound normal? I have never seen him doing that in so many years, and believe me he thinks I am his mate-protege... he seems active, and playful, but in constant pain if he moves his wing towards a certain direction...

Please help!
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Re: Help! Extremely painfull pinfeather

Postby liz » Thu Jan 19, 2017 8:37 am

If he is in pain you do need to do something about it and the sooner the better. I would be afraid of doing anything by myself in fear that it may cause more pain and break the bond between you. I would take him to the vet and let him be the bad guy and you rescue him from the bad guy.

Myrtles head looks spiked since she does not allow me to touch her head. I am not going to force her. Only when she is hormonal can I touch her head or back. I will just wait since the time is coming soon. She is not in pain from it but if she was I would be running her to the vet.

Welcome to the forum. I am just the first to find your post. Others will respond.
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Re: Help! Extremely painfull pinfeather

Postby Wolf » Thu Jan 19, 2017 8:37 am

I really do not have much to go on as to the cause of this situation, but it seems to me that his wings have been clipped and that these pin feathers are getting hung up on the clipped feathers causing it to be bent in a painful direction when he moves his wings. For now you probably can't do a lot other than possibly spraying his wings to moisturize the sheathing of the pin feather or maybe even rubbing the sheath in the natural direction that the feather grows to help loosen and remove the sheath. If this is what is happening then I would quit clipping his wings. Your bird would be a healthier , happier and a more confident and secure bird without his wings clipped anyway.

I hope that this helps.
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