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African Grey Seizures

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African Grey Seizures

Postby BournemouthWolf » Wed Dec 20, 2017 4:34 pm

Help & Advice Needed Please.
Hi we have had Tico(african grey) since 6 months old, he is now 13 years old.
For 3 months now he has started having seizures & we are at the end of the road on what to do.

We know all about calcium problems, We have Arcadia UV light daily & outside in the summer, he is now on pellet food as the last 12 months went back on seeds due to a new parrot introduced which was on seeded diet for 12 years & have now got them both back on pellets + lots of veg, fruits, cottage cheese, chicken bones everything you name it as always researched to give best possible diet.

We have had 2 blood tests over the last month which show calcium is good, X-ray shows nothing, the vet has spoken to other professionals & diagnosed Epilepsy.
Unless we spend £1000's on further tests MRI etc we are treating Tico for Epilepsy with a medicine called Epiphen Solution 0.05ml twice a day.
After 7 days the seizures don't seem to last so long but Tico is now sleeping all the time very upsetting as we have to touch him to wake up. I can't see any sites this medicine is used on parrots only dogs & cats, sedation can be a side effect in dog/cats but Tico is on the lowest dose.

The seizures only seem to happen at night when put them to bed, through the daytime he's fine & eating, drinking ok.
We would be grateful if anyone else has experienced anything like this & please reply as we don't know what else we can do & now sleeping all the time worried he might be giving up.

Adrian & Adilia :gray: :amazon:
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Re: African Grey Seizures

Postby Pajarita » Thu Dec 21, 2017 10:49 am

Welcome to the forum and I am very sorry you and your poor bird is going through this! Now, I am not a vet, I've just accumulated a bit of knowledge from years of caring for multiple birds and I have no personal experience with birds with seizures, only what I have learned doing research but I am more than willing to share this with you if you are interested. If you are, please answer the following questions:
What kind of blood tests have been done on him and what are the results? [I am especially looking for results on bile acids and protein electrophoresis]
Was the calcium test the ionized one or just the result on the regular biochem panel?
Was he tested for metal poisoning?
Have you considered/tried an all organic, fresh food diet, natural spring water?
Do you supplement calcium on top of the pellets and the UV lamp?
Do you use a multivitamin/mineral supplement on top of the pellets?
Norwegian Blue
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