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mourning my conures

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mourning my conures

Postby kiwi&kiki » Sat May 26, 2018 6:06 am

Hello Im new here,

I basically created this account to see if you guys could help me figure out what happened. My family and i had two green cheeked conures. Our first one, named kiwi, flew into our house 3 years ago 2 years passed and we noticed that he needed a buddy so we decided to get him a friend who we named kiki. Of course the first couple of days kiwi did not want to get along with kiki at all but afterwards they were inseparable. They loved to play together, sing together, and fly (with supervision) around our house together. . We always had fresh fruit available for them as well as their seeds and cleaned water. Every morning we would hear kiwi and kiki chirping non-stop to get attention and we would open their cage so that they both climb on top of their cage so that they could eat their fruit. The sad thing is yesterday when both my mother and I woke up around 10am we didn't hear kiwi nor kiki chirping, we got up and went tot the cage and found both kiki and kiwi on the bottom of their cage dead. We could not believe it, kiwi was face up with his feet clenched and kiki was face down with her wings wide open. Both my mom and i cried not being able to fully graps what had happened. I finally grabbed them and decided to bury them in our yard. Due to both their sudden deaths Ive searched the internet for what could have cause this tragic incident and I still cant figure out what happened. Their cage isn't near the kitchen, the house is never hot, we don't use ammonia/chorine/lysol or anything dangerous to clean around them. Only thing that I think could have cause this was the little "All Living Things Parakeet Nesting Box" we had bought from Pet's Mart that is made out of pressed wood for them 3 days ago. I noticed that both kiwi and kiki were nipping the box but didn't think much of it. Another thing that my mother believes is there's a virus going around thats affecting the birds, she said that because the last time we went to pet's mart we noticed they didnt have any birds and an employee made the comment of a virus. So i truly dont know what could have caused this, your input would be appreciated.

Thank You.

heres a link of them
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Re: mourning my conures

Postby Pajarita » Sat May 26, 2018 8:52 am

Oh, my dear, what a terrible sight that must have been! I am so very sorry for your loss! But, unfortunately, it's impossible to figure out what happened from what you are telling us. You mention seeds and produce but not a multivitamin/mineral supplement so that could have been a factor in their death although the fact that they both died at the same time indicates some sort of an event -like a gas leak or some other sudden toxin in the air. But, there have been cases of birds that die at the same time that were both infected with the same disease... You should have taken one of the bodies to an avian vet for a necropsy because, as it is, not knowing what killed them would prevent you from getting more birds [you can't risk contagion].
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