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Swollen Crop in an African Grey

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Swollen Crop in an African Grey

Postby Deb175 » Wed Aug 29, 2018 10:26 pm

Newly found symptom in otherwise heathy bird. My African Grey "Al Gator" of Florida is housed with a Citron Crested Cockatoo" Kewpie Doll" who is dusty and messy. :cockatoo: :gray: They were both purchased un-weaned from breeders 33 years ago. They argue at times, but mostly call for me using my husbands voice. I have been in chemotherapy for 12 years and they have grieved my forced medical separation. They also grieve for the other when separated. Al the grey tells Kewpie to "settle down" when squawking. My spouse cares for the birds basic needs, but is also ill. Kewpie throws everything around and out of their cage. I am afraid that a yeast infection is present, since cockatoo dust is every where. Maintaining the bird room is almost impossible ,yet ongoing. Stool and eating is still normal for both. I am considering a round of nystatin suspension for one or both? Diet has always had fruit: But peppers may increase motility and new sandpaper covered stands may increase grinding power. These have not been changed for years. New toys and objects in the cage always spook them. I heard that paprika added to the diet also increases motility. I believe if PDD were present some additional symptom would be present. Of course birds have flock instinct and do not show signs of illness until near death. Our avian Vet retired . Travel with the birds to Memphis is impossible, as travelling has been forbidden by my physicians. Al had swollen 20 years ago and responded to diet change and new sandpaper. I do not believe either bird has natural grinding material in their crops. Any suggestions from other bird owners. I know nothing substitutes a vet's care. We are housebound caregivers. I am a physician able to obtain antibiotics and antifungals. These pets live in a very large cage that can have a provided divider placed so as to not share food and water. I started there and I will send for a variety of fresh peppers and new sandpaper perches. I will also order nystatin suspension but research side effects before proceeding .I believe loose stools the most dangerous. I will have my husband observe for any changes regularly. I would love to sell Kewpie Doll to protect her, But Al might grieve to death. They are both very emotionally needy and dependent. They have suffered quite a bit from my doctor's orders to separate from them.
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Re: Swollen Crop in an African Grey

Postby Pajarita » Thu Aug 30, 2018 9:38 am

Welcome to the forum and I am very sorry for your situation. Now, it seems to me [I could have misunderstood you] that you have a misconception when it comes to parrots: they do NOT need any type of grit or grinding material in their crops. They are not like pigeons or any other species of bird that eats things whole and, as a matter of fact, giving parrots grit causes crop impaction so that would be the first thing I would look at in your case. Parrots 'peel' everything and grind it in their beaks before they swallow. Sand perches are a no-no for any bird [all they do is hurt their feet), If you are concerned about their claws becoming overgrown, I suggest you order some Sweetfeet perches. They have rough sides where the claws go but smooth and soft sides where the soles of their feet would go. They are also lightd and easy to wash - the only problem you are going to have is that the too will chew them up in no time at all :lol: I have managed to keep a couple still in one piece after a few months with my too but he lives cage-free in a birdroom with lots of things to chew [branches, pieces of 2x4s, thick cardboard boxes, etc] - by the way, my female African Gray also gets along very well with the male cockatoo to the point that he actually strides her eggs in the nest he made for her when she gets up to eat during breeding season.

As to giving them an antifungal on your own... well, I don't know if I recommend that. For one thing, it might not be fungal. It could be a tumor, an impaction or, best case scenario, bacterial. Of course, you could medicate with both antibiotics and antifungals and hope for the best but, with sick older birds [and yes, at 33 years of age, both your birds are older because they simply do not live long in captivity], you need perfect husbandry, something you can no longer provide due to your medical conditions.

Now, I hope you don't take this the wrong way because it's not as if I do not feel for you or disregard your feelings for them or their feelings for you, but I love birds and I worry about all of them, not only my own and it seems to me that sooner or later, you are going to have to make a decision about the birds because, let's face it, time doesn't stop for any of us and, as we get older [and I am old myself, mind you] it becomes more and more difficult to fulfill their needs. I am moving back to my country where I have a nephew who loves birds and who has a son who doesn't only love birds, he is actually studying to be a vet and has already agreed to take my birds when I become too old to care for them properly. Do you have anybody who can come and help you with the birds? Things like disinfecting the cage and room where they are kept, take them to the vet for a proper diagnosis, etc. Because a swollen crop can be a very serious problem - and I am talking a matter of life and death...
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Re: Swollen Crop in an African Grey

Postby liz » Mon Sep 03, 2018 5:56 am

Deb175 please give us an update.
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