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My GreenWing Mccaw( 5 months old) keeps crying!?

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My GreenWing Mccaw( 5 months old) keeps crying!?

Postby GreenWinger » Mon Sep 02, 2019 6:02 pm

Good evening

Some background I am a little experienced with parrots. I have a 2 year old grey iris and now a 5 month old green wing. I am trained in handfeeding and at 5 months am starting to ween. He was getting

Am-120cc afternoon 60cc and pm 120cc

I now dropped it to 90cc am SKIP AFTENOON AND 90 pm

He seems to be crying and flicking his wing all day for food still. Even after I feed it. What could be wrong? Please help
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Re: My GreenWing Mccaw( 5 months old) keeps crying!?

Postby Pajarita » Tue Sep 03, 2019 8:50 am

Welcome to the forum! What could be wrong? Nothing is really wrong except that the bird is not ready to wean and that you need to continue handfeeding. Macaws are not really completely weaned until they are 9 months old but that is an average and not a definite age. Parrots are like children, some wean earlier and some wean later but 5 months is nowhere near a weaning age for a macaw, especially a GW.

Weaning a bird only takes place whenever the bird rejects every feeding for a week to 10 days. But you also need to provide soft food for it because the same way that a human baby is not weaned to adult food, a parrot baby is not weaned to adult food. Offer two different types of soft food served fresh and warm twice a day as well as 'regular' food AND the handfeeding. And check the consistency of the formula itself because the older the baby, the thicker it needs to be to keep him full for a longer period of time.

Please make sure the bird is not begging for food and getting no food when it does because we have studies that say that babies that did not get enough to eat have eating disorders for the rest of their lives.
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