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One Cockatiel Will Eat Pellets but the Other Wont

Talk about bird illnesses and other bird health related issues. Seeds, pellets, fruits, vegetables and more. Discuss what to feed your birds and in what quantity. Share your recipe ideas.

One Cockatiel Will Eat Pellets but the Other Wont

Postby CherryTiel » Sun Sep 29, 2019 3:05 pm

Hi! My two boys are doing absolutely fantastic. They're eating organic pellets, leafy greens, and soaked seeds. So neither are hurting on health. I do worry about Cass though. He seems thinner than Cherry, and doesn't eat as heartily. We are doing a lot of training and he is eating a good amount of millet as treats as they are both still not 100% tame. ( will sit on hands now though! haha! ) Any advice on how to get Cass to eat like his brother? Thanks!
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Re: One Cockatiel Will Eat Pellets but the Other Wont

Postby Pajarita » Mon Sep 30, 2019 9:02 am

Hmmm, well, I do not recommend feeding pellets to any parrot so, in truth, I don't really know how to convert a bird to them or how to make it eat more of them. My birds all eat gloop with raw produce for breakfast and I have successfully transitioned hundreds of birds to it... but that's mostly because they love the gloop while I would imagine that they couldn't possibly like pellets (they are super dry, have the texture of sawdust and almost no taste -and I know because I have eaten them myself). I would also not recommend you feed a lot of millet because it has very poor nutrition and it's mostly used for fattening a sick bird.

Why don't you try giving them gloop and raw produce for breakfast and using small pieces of nuts for training? That would be so much healthier for them...
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