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Indian Ringneck losing feathers on wings? (with pics)

Talk about bird illnesses and other bird health related issues. Seeds, pellets, fruits, vegetables and more. Discuss what to feed your birds and in what quantity. Share your recipe ideas.

Indian Ringneck losing feathers on wings? (with pics)

Postby shiv3110 » Tue Jul 14, 2020 4:23 pm

Hi all,

This is Mooki, my Indian Ringneck Parrot who is 10 years old.

We have been noticing over the past 6 months - 1 year that he has started to have this patchy area on his wings which has not been growing his normal feathers back.

His diet is mainly, seeds and fruit and he always wants what we are eating so we give him some peanut butter toast, crisps etc. I am fully aware of the poisonous food such as avocados, chocolates and others which we do not give him or tempt at any cost.

His lifestyle is pretty chilled, he spends most time in the cage and just an FYI it is a HUGE cage. His cage is 1.5m wide and 2m tall, I am totally against parrots staying in a small cage so he has a big one.

So every morning I change his food and water, because his food bowl is big he usually takes a bath in it everyday or every 2-3 days entirely depending on him. And then in the evening we let him out the cage to fly around the house for an hour just to get some exercise and just do his own thing if that makes sense?

So I personally don't know what the issue is regarding the wings? He's a friendly bird, gets along with everyone in the house, doesn't bite and is pretty much tamed. He has a large variety of food and still has the freedom to explore on his own.

One last thing, he used to be a very sexually frustrated parrot. Every time I used to let him out the cage he would would fly to my shoulder and do a mating dance. At times he would make noises in his cage until he is let out to do his mating dance on my shoulder. I did some research online and learnt this is not good for him so stopped this from ignoring him and put him back in the cage every time he started doing this. Now he has stopped doing this so not sure if this has any significance on his feathers?

Please let me know, he is not showing any signs of illness or anything. Maybe he is old? I have no clue so I appreciate every answer provided by you guys! Thank you so much!
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Re: Indian Ringneck losing feathers on wings? (with pics)

Postby Pajarita » Wed Jul 15, 2020 9:35 am

Hi, Shiv and Mooki, welcome to the forum! I was not able to open your attachment and would need you to use a picture-sharing site for it (I use photobucket).

Without actually seeing the problem, it's almost impossible to figure out what is wrong as it could be many different things but there are three things that I can tell you based on what you wrote:

1) at ten years of age he is still quite young but, even if he was an older bird (say late 20's early 30's), age would still not be the cause of any plumage problem. Birds don't age the way that mammals do - they don't get white/gray feathers, they don't lose them, they don't get wrinkles, and they don't even stop reproducing. Except for the toes getting a bit crooked or the skin of their legs becoming a bit more scaly, there is no physical difference between a very young bird and a very old one.

2) he has a bad diet. IRNs are mainly fruit eaters and cannot be free-feed protein food so, if you have been putting seeds in a bowl and leaving it there all day long, you are feeding too much protein. Also, NO PEOPLE FOOD! They are not people and they are not omnivorous so fried food (crisps OUCH!) or any type of food high in fat and protein (peanut butter toast) are VERY bad for them.

3) ignoring a bird masturbating does not 'fix' the problem. The bird does this because it is overly hormonal, a direct result of the wrong light schedule and/or diet and ignoring the behavior does not eliminate the cause of it.

There are usually two reasons for birds to lose feathers when they are not supposed to:
1) diet too high in protein. The body, getting too much protein, tries to send it to other places first before depositing it in the form of fatty nodules in the liver (Hepatic lipidosis - aka fatty liver) and one of its 'solutions' is to constantly create new feathers so the bird molts constantly and constantly produces feathers but, eventually, this does no longer work and the bird ends up looking moth eaten and with bald patches. IRNs are particularly prone to this and for many years people thought that all psittaculas had mojo molts that were normal but they never were - it was a bad diet that did it. We simply did not know that IRNs need a very low protein, very low fat, very high moisture, very high fiber diet and, once we did and corrected it, the birds started having normal plumage and normal molts.
2) plucking. And this can be caused by the sexual frustration of the bird being constantly overly hormonal due to a human light schedule and/or a bad diet.

So, although it will help if you can post pictures here, I would recommend you re-evaluate Mooki's light schedule and its diet and adjust accordingly.
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