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Avian sensitivity to DSL toxicity

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Avian sensitivity to DSL toxicity

Postby Pajarita » Mon Jul 20, 2020 8:38 am

DSL are a type of compounds that are found in nature from natural causes (like volcanoes erupting), as a by product of manufacturing and also found in commercial insecticides and, although we have always known that they are toxic to birds, what we did not know is that the level of sensitivity is directly related to the species. Below, a few links that explain this to the last one that found that direct relationship between the species and the level of toxicity (a difference of 1,000 fold!). Unfortunately for us (and, as usual), we do not know how much they affect parrots so it pays to be super careful and always use organic produce.

Learn about Dioxin:

Dioxin in produce: ... -exposure/

Study about avian sensitivity to it; ... 9714002245

And the new study that shows that the level of sensitivity is directly related to the species:
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