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Northern California- Bird Lovers Beware of this Vet Clinic

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Northern California- Bird Lovers Beware of this Vet Clinic

Postby eneri » Thu Oct 07, 2021 8:04 pm

Bird Owners Beware!

One of, if not the most expensive Avian vets in the Bay area (even beyond), when you leave Medical Center for Birds in Oakley, CA you will walk out with a large bill, and your bird may not get care from a certified avian vet. Furthermore, they may miss obvious signs as they did with us, that are on the top list of illnesses - not once, not twice, but with three exams and a large bill later.

Our very ill bird who we were told was fine, obviously was not once she was given back. We brought her to a much better, substantially less expensive avian vet who was able to quickly identify symptoms and properly diagnose the problem within minutes even before tests. Diagnostics confirmed the sadly obvious signs that should have been caught by MCFB. Our bird had to be put out of its misery after agonizing for days at MCFB. Seems they wanted to add up as many costs as possible by shooting her up with shots, force-feeding her when she should not have been, and charging us enormous amounts to board her overnight in an unattended facility, with lower-paid techs during the day, unattended from close - and no phone call from the vet as promised, so we had no say so or idea of our beloved, sick bird's status or to have the option to ease her suffering, scared and alone. Our feeling is this was the standard operating procedure.

They made things much worse for our bird and for us as their billing grew and there was no way to save our bird from this hell. They misquote over the phone, want your credit card information before you even bring in your bird, and surprise you with a new total at pickup, different than the amount given by multiple staff members before you drove miles to get there with a sick bird, anxious to get answers and relief for your parrot.

We absolutely do NOT recommend MCFB, as they are not worth their inflated costs or the similarly inflated ego, particularly of the owner, who once realizing you are price-conscious (after already getting a lot of money from you) does not deliver and misleads you to come to pick your bird in "fine and acceptable" condition. If you want to save your bird and yourself the upset and unnecessary drain on your savings, DO NOT GO HERE!
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Re: Northern California- Bird Lovers Beware of this Vet Clinic

Postby Pajarita » Fri Oct 08, 2021 9:24 am

There are lots of bad avian vets out there - no doubt about that! But your story needs more details to be convincing - what were the tests? what was the treatment aside from hand feeding her? what was the diagnosis done without any tests? Because there are conditions that do not show any deviation from normal blood values even though they are fatal so, usually, the protocol is to give them antibiotics and antifungals and feed them until they start eating on their own...
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