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Is this a mating behavior or SIEZURE?

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Is this a mating behavior or SIEZURE?

Postby KiwiKeeper22 » Sun Nov 28, 2021 5:26 pm

My bird Kiwi (green cheek conure) has been in a mating season these past couple months and does this thing where he bobs his head and its pretty normal,,, but just now he did that while also sneezing over and over and his head movement was a little different and he wouldn't stop like normally when I put him on my couch-arm. He seems fine now, just 5 minutes later

But I am a little concerned this was some kind of siezure or just another mating/excitement movement

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Re: Is this a mating behavior or SIEZURE?

Postby Pajarita » Mon Nov 29, 2021 10:29 am

Hi, Kiwi and Human, welcome to the forum. I don't know where you are but, unless you are in the Southern Hemisphere, this is not breeding season for GCCs (it's the resting season) so, again, if you live in the Northern Hemisphere, the bird should not be having any breeding behaviors whatsoever. When they bob their head, it can also mean they are hungry or that the bird was not weaned properly so it retains infantile behaviors due to being hungry during infancy. It can also mean he wants attention (mine bobs her head when she wants me to pick her up). BUT, if he was sneezing and sneezing, it could be several things: air too dry or too dirty, lack of food rich in betacarotene, an upper respiratory infection, etc. So, re-evaluate your husbandry (is he being kept at a strict solar schedule? Is he eating a fresh food diet and not being free-fed protein food? Does the diet contain enough betacarotene sources? Is he flighted and allowed to fly every day? etc) and look at his tail when he is at rest - is it bobbing? Look at his chest, is he having labored breathing? Look at his nares, is there any kind of discharge? His eyes? If you see any of these things happening, you need to take him to a vet for antibiotics.
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