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Feathers not regrowing

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Re: Feathers not regrowing

Postby Crazy Bird Lady » Wed Dec 23, 2009 6:08 pm

The security is for the whole shopping centre - it would be very odd for a stand alone petshop to have security!
They breed sun conures (they admitted that they chose this breed because thats where the money is!) but my tiel came from a professional breeder. She has a leg ring, but so far i have been unable to locate the breeder to warn them against this pet shop. From what i gather, they get most of their stock from people bringing in their birds, and they also buy them from a massive bird outlet close by. I go to the massive outlet reglaurly to check up on all the birds there, but i would never buy a bird directly from there myself, because with so many birds in one place, i feel that it would be too easy for any illness to spread from species to species... all it takes is one sick bird...
I try not to favour any of my birds, but she has a special place in my heart - she wants my company desperately, whereas all my other birds dont mind hanging out with me, they are more interested in each other... all she wants to do is sit on my shoulder all day.
what i find most cute is in the morning it will be totally silent (my cockatiels are very respectful of me sleeping, probably because they like sleeping in too!) but as soon as i cough or make any noise, Luca starts chirping madly... or if im silent and i try to slip past the cage at 6am to go to the toilet, she usually sees me and starts going crazy, but now she knows i dont respond to her that early, and i go back to bed and she quitens down until i stir again. im sure she would sleep on my bed frame if i let her!
despite all the health problems, and the cost of the vet trips, im so glad i took her home, she is such a loving friend!
parrots arent mere ornaments, and they're hardly "just a pet" they are intelligent and emotional creatures who want our companionship. As a bird owner, its a pleasure to make my parrots lives as happy, enriched and healthy as possible
Crazy Bird Lady
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Re: Feathers not regrowing

Postby kimbo » Tue Feb 02, 2010 1:16 pm

ive just watched the vid, what a beautiful bird and its horrible what they were allowed to do to her and others. money talks and brds suffer. will she ever grow the feathers? or will they just keep bleeding? you are a lovely person for taking her in and im happy that she has found you. i think she has gone to everyones heart on here as well. :senegal:
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