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Designing a Bird room

Bird rooms, aviaries, cages, foraging trees, play gyms, and stands. Discuss your parrot's locations and perches.

Designing a Bird room

Postby Chad » Tue Mar 28, 2017 5:41 pm

So with potentially having a foster bird on its way, i need to start thinking about the bird room. I have a 500 square foot area that i would like to make into the place for the birds to live/ a area where training can occur.

The area is rectangular. With recessed lighting in the ceiling. There is windows in along one of the narrow walls. The area is climate controlled and does not have any drafts.

The room is the last room in the house to be completed so it does not currently have flooring, or wall covering. It is a blank canvas. it could even be broken off with a nice quiet and dark room for sleeping and a basically a big indoor Avery in the other part.

I was thinking about using a floating laminate flooring, For the walls i was thinking about tiles but something cheaper would be better.

Does any one have any ideas for making this space the best room possible for birds? i am open to any and all suggestions!
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Re: Designing a Bird room

Postby Bird woman » Tue Mar 28, 2017 5:57 pm

Pretty good size area , where do I start, I guess with my mistakes. Stainless steel window frame should have been used with a window that had blinds inside the window, I did put in rock floor which was very smart but I should have slanted the floor toward the middle and put a drain in it. Stainless frame work around the doors would have been good and a metal door and tile walls which mine are not. Also I put in an outdoor avairy that goes right off the bird room with a window when I should have put in a slider. Hopefully this will help , michael has The premium bird room maybe he can give you some tips. As far as the lanolium mine will pick at it then peal it up. BW
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Re: Designing a Bird room

Postby Pajarita » Wed Mar 29, 2017 11:39 am

Don't use laminate for the flooring, it doesn't stand water and you need to be able to scrub it, use tiles, instead (you can get the tiles that look like wood, you can hardly tell they are actual tiles and look real nice). If this room is always going to be a birdroom (I would not count on it as you don't really know if your having parrots will work out in the long term -nobody does), metal windows and doors without any molding or with metal molding will work. But, if you want to have a 'regular' room that is now being used for birds but which might later change into a human room, you can always put metal corners protecting the wood molding (that's what I did in my birdroom). I don't put any shades, curtains, blinds or any type of window treatment in the birdroom windows BUT if the windows in your room face the street or a backyard that has a light shining at night, you will need black out material to block it.

You will also need a ceiling fixture that leaves the bulb 'naked' (because it will have to be a good quality full spectrum) as well as hooks in the ceiling (so you can hang things for the birds).

Now, having a birdroom is a wonderful thing but it doesn't work out for a single bird, you need to have more than one and they have to be bonded or, at the very least, used to living with one another.
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