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Hoarding and rescues

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Hoarding and rescues

Postby Pajarita » Sun Jul 08, 2018 9:30 am

Two stories, both in Florida, but I wanted to point something out from both of them - namely, how this is happening more and more and bird rescues are ending up with way too many birds for anybody to handle. The first link is for the Eastern Manatee rescue, ran by a woman, and it has 400 birds in it - a Coombs situation waiting to happen, if you ask me. The second one is about a hoarding case with more than just parrots [a poor old goat was walking on her knees because her hooves were rotten, a horse looked like a walking skeleton and all the parrots were completely plucked!!!] and it was across the street from where they had taken more than 80 dogs not too long ago. WE NEED BETTER LAWS!!!! There are way too many animals suffering and although people are trying to step up and take care of them, it's completely impossible to keep up because it's getting worse and worse every day! ... 00-parrots ... nty-photos
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