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Food Bowl Flipper :)

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Food Bowl Flipper :)

Postby TheZooCrew » Sat Mar 02, 2019 5:11 pm

Our male Catalina Macaw will flip his fruit food bow and play with it all day long. He has a metal measuring cup toy that he also plays with. He loves fruit/veggies and after he flips it , goes down to the bottom of the cage to eat it. ***rolls eyes*** Is there a dish/bowl that is anti-flip? Thanks for any advice. :)
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Re: Food Bowl Flipper :)

Postby Pajarita » Sun Mar 03, 2019 10:10 am

Yes, there are. Usually, one makes sure the cage already has a system that prevents the bird from removing the bowls but I can see how a newbie would miss this. These are the kinds that you can use: ... _LOCK.html ... Crock.html ... _1169.html

Unfortunately, I haven't found any stainless steel ones that lock, only the plastic ones -which would never be my first choice but i have two birds that love picking up their water bowls and dumping all the water inside their cage so I have no choice but to use the plastic ones with them.
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