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Misting parrots

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Misting parrots

Postby DSM » Thu Mar 21, 2019 7:14 am

Hello everyone..I have two Fishers Lovebirds and am getting ready to move them to a shaded outside aviary...hopefully year around. I am seeking advice on how to keep them cool in our very hot Texas summers. Their aviary will have access to both electricity and I was thinking a fan and a mister? Should I use both or is one preferable over another? Would the fan wind or noise disturb them?If a mister, how often should it turn on?

Temperature wise we are talking lows of 75f at night and highs of 95-105 during the day

Thank you in advance for any advice you have

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Re: Misting parrots

Postby Pajarita » Thu Mar 21, 2019 9:24 am

Welcome to the forum. As to your question... well, personally, I would never put lovebirds in an outdoor aviary if I lived where you live. Fischers come from Kenya and Tanzania and the highest temperature they get is 86 degrees but it always get cooler in the evenings -which, I understand, doesn't really happen in Texas- and the normal temperature during the 'summer' months is 81 deg so we are talking of a difference of over 20 degrees higher! That's way too much. Undomesticated animals cannot adjust without suffering to such a big difference in temperature... it puts a huge stress on their bodies and your putting a fan and misting them is not going to do it because you can't keep the mist and the fan going 24/7/365 and, even if you did (which is not advisable as they would be always wet!) it would still not lower the temperature over 20 degrees. So, unless you can close it off (windows?) during the summer months and put AC in there, your birds will suffer tremendously.

I will be moving back to my country in South America in a few years and, although the temperature there is fabulous (we have TRUE temperate climate, four distinct seasons but never too hot or too cold), I am still going to keep the birds in rooms that can be closed to the outside to keep warm as well as open to an outdoor aviary when the temperature is mild. I would suggest you think of something like that for your birds.
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