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Postby Pajarita » Tue Jul 02, 2019 8:37 am

Two budgies were stolen from an old couple who thinks of them as family. I don't understand how people can be so heartless... I would not mind losing jewelry, money or whatever but would be devastated over the loss of one of my birds.

When my husband is away, Auggie (one of his dogs) stays downstairs waiting for him until around 10 pm when, realizing he is not coming, comes upstairs and whines so I can open the door to him. Three nights ago, he started barking and barking but would not come up when I called to him and, in the morning, I discovered that the screen to a window in the livingroom (the one that is behind the budgies flight cage) was off the rail on one corner but, although I made a mental note, I did not think much of it. Then, the following night, the same thing: barking and screen off so I closed the window completely. The morning after, when I am cleaning the garden, I notices that the ferns that grow under that window had been trampled so I told me husband to needed to put the bars back on the windows (we had taken them down to replace a couple of windows and never put them back up again) ASAP! He was kind of non-commital saying that it was unlikely and that if somebody did get in, the dogs would start barking, etc. but I made him promise that he was going to do it as soon as he gets back home (Friday) because if somebody got in and steals one of my birds, he better not even show up back home! ... d-budgies/
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