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Weight Management for Parrots - Why It's a Must

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Re: Weight Management for Parrots - Why It's a Must

Postby MrCavyMadness » Wed Jul 01, 2015 10:51 am

Thank you so much for your reply.

He will take millet from my hand, and seeds, whatever I want. He's 8 weeks old and I guess I made the mistake of trying to target train him too early. (Hmph, I think he was actually starting to get it.)

I noticed that you said not to handle them for the first few months. Does that mean even keeping in the cage? Can I handle him to put him on his tree? I also was going to try potty training, should I wait on that too?

Is it okay for me to take him out of the cage at all?
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Re: Weight Management for Parrots - Why It's a Must

Postby Pajarita » Wed Jul 01, 2015 11:41 am

At 8 weeks of age, he is still a baby and needs soft food served fresh twice a day or he might end up with an eating disorder (that's why they told you to 'free-feed'). Potty training such a small bird is a hugely dangerous thing to do. Please do more research about it (not from bird sites, people will tell you it's OK but people do all kinds of wrong things with birds). You can't do food management with a small species, the metabolism is too high for it but you can feed gloop and produce for breakfast and all day picking and use seeds for training -as well as for dinner. You should let him out daily for 4 hours but all you have to do is open his cage, he will come out of his own and, most likely, perch on you on its own initiative. Tiels are not classified as a companion species but an aviary one so you can't expect the same results with training and you need to go even slower.
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