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Parrotlet nesting.

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Parrotlet nesting.

Postby Scottydog » Mon Feb 06, 2017 9:02 pm

I've read on here about a cockatiel sitting on infertile eggs and I have a Parrotlet that is 8 months old and in the last week she has laid 5 eggs. I had supplied a box on the side of her cage and she used it. Should I try to get fake eggs or let her sit on them til she's done.
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Re: Parrotlet nesting.

Postby liz » Tue Feb 07, 2017 7:13 am

I bought fake eggs for one cockatiel who is not following the rules. (I have a flock with two couples who have not nested. In the flock is a very bad boy who thinks he has a harem and mates with any girl that will not fly away from him.) Since yours is alone you know the eggs won't hatch. Instead they will dry and she will give them up.

The big problem is why is she laying eggs. She is hormonal either or both of her protein being too high or the lighting being wrong.

Every time she lays an egg her calcium starts depleting and she also could get egg bound which is producing eggs that she cannot pass.
You are right to leave the eggs. If you had taken them away she would have produced more. It is also good that you gave her a nest. This way she thinks you are backing her up instead of trying to stop her. You are her good friend.

I am the first to post and am just backing you up about giving her a nest. Like I said you do have problems though. (The group follows fruit and vegetables and gloop for a days supply of food and then seed which is protein at night before they sleep.)There are others in the group who had to teach me so I will leave the rest to them. They will be on soon.
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Re: Parrotlet nesting.

Postby Pajarita » Wed Feb 08, 2017 12:14 pm

If the bird is alone (no mate), let her sit on the eggs but make sure you are providing not only extra calcium but also vit D3 (I suggest Calciboost or Calcivet). She is too young to be laying on her own so you must be keeping her to a human light schedule and free-feeding protein for her to start laying before she is fully mature so I suggest you do more research about avian photoperiodism (solar schedule instead of human light schedule) and their diet in the wild (low protein) or she will become a chronic layer -which is always fatal after a while.
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