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Piccolo and Pod's diet.

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Piccolo and Pod's diet.

Postby DanaandPod » Sun Feb 12, 2017 8:02 pm

Based on access, tight income , trial and errors, and what they WIWIL and how they will eat:
I mix an ice cube tray with baby food. A row of half carrot/half mango. A row of sweet potato/half banana. I alternate between the two for Piccolo, my meyers parrot. Pod, my jardine, will eat thawed peas. He will only eat the ice tray mixes with a little peanut butter natural mixed in. So, for him its a couple days of peas then switch to the ice tray mixes, on and off. Mon.-Fri. They each perform tricks for first half of breakfast which is two each crushed almonds. Sat. And Sun. This switches to walnuts. Evening is zupreem natural pellets. Mid day snack: blueberries, mango, typically. Or red raspberry or apple. Portion is 4 blue berries. As a occasional treat: pasta, rice, fresh popped pop corn.
Piccolo and Pod
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