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Macaws, Cockatoos, Greys, Poicephalus, Conures, Lovebirds, Parrotlets, Parakeets etc. Discuss topics related to specific species of parrots and their characteristics, mutations, pros, and cons.


Postby PiineMarten » Thu Jul 13, 2017 7:43 pm

Hiya, I'm Piine.
I decided to write on the forums because i find it somewhat hard to find the information im looking for, many google links brought me here so i decided to sign up. I currently own a green cheek conure here in Australia. However this is more a question for my partner, they live in New Zealand and are currently in the process of possibly getting a bird themselves. They are interested in getting a cinnamon green cheek conure, apparently green cheek conures are hard to come by from all the research i've done i've found it very hard to find them listed anywhere. I have my heart set on getting them a cinnamon because GCC are a great first bird, and i really enjoy smaller bird, my partner has met my GCC and loves him.
I guess i should stop beating around the bush, does anyone know where we can get a cinnamon green cheek conure on the north island of NZ?
Thanks for any help, Piine. :gcc:
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Re: Hello!

Postby liz » Fri Jul 14, 2017 6:44 am

Welcome to the forum.

All my birds came to me needing help. I have never gone out to look for a species. With my Amazons and Cockatiels I am kind of reluctant to take on another species.

Don't get a baby from a breeder unless there is no other way to get it. Every sale encourages the breeders to breed more. There are so many neglected or abused birds in shelters or listed in the paper for needing a good home.

We suggest that you volunteer in a shelter to learn about different species and to learn the wide variety of personality in each species. These are not just pets. They are little beings and each has it's own personality like people do.

I have a 32 year old DYH Amazon with the personality of a five year old inquisitive child. He can ask me questions and answer my questions. There are times he does not have the words to explain himself and will keep using what words he has until I understand. He was sad for the loss of his "Gr'mom" and searched the house and called her for two weeks. She died in 2014 and we have even moved since then but every once in a while he will call her in case she is just hiding.

My BF Amazon is 7 and equivalent to a 2 year old bratty kid. She has some words to explain herself but prefers to make me guess what she wants. If I ask her a question she may or may not care to answer. I can be running all over the house looking for her and she is just sitting quietly watching me. My DYH always answers me when I call.

They are complete opposites in every way just like my kids are.

They know they are part of a family of my 87 year old Aunt and my 40+ kids. The family also includes 5 dogs and 2 cats. Each has a favorite person and has chosen another person to torment. Each has chosen a favorite in the other species in my house. Rainbow will even call his favorite dog and tell him to "c'mere". Myrtle claimed my Squeekie cat (RIP) as her favorite. She would even pet the cat while talking to it.

My Cockatiels came from different places and brought some baggage with them. They each interact with me in different ways.

Long story short. Try to learn the personality of the being before you choose one.
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Re: Hello!

Postby Pajarita » Fri Jul 14, 2017 1:34 pm

Welcome to the forum! I am sorry I cannot help you but I am in USA and I don't even know any breeders here (I believe in giving birds that need a good home and not adding more birds to rescues which are already full to capacity). I just want to make one comment about your post. GCCs are NOT a "good first bird". They are small and people usually assume that small means low maintenance but GCCs are actually very difficult to keep healthy and happy because they are mainly fruit eaters so they can't be free-fed protein food (pellets, seeds, etc) and EXTREMELY needy - so needy, in fact, that, in my personal opinion, they can only be compared to cockatoos! When GCCs are young, they are very easy going (as are ALL parrots) but, once they become sexually active, if they don't get enough one-on-one time (which, in their minds, it means being ON their human), they start screaming, biting and even plucking and there is no training, no working around the problem, no 'tricking' them, no nothing but giving them what they need. Here, in the States, we had a big boom in GCCs a few years ago and now we are seeing them given away all the time...
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