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Where can I find local breeders?

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Where can I find local breeders?

Postby speedyg » Sun Feb 03, 2019 2:06 pm

I want an american budgie (or possibly a plum headed parakeet) but rather not go to one of the big box stores. The family owned places by me dont give their budgies much care at all. I was hoping for a co parented bird. I am looking in Florida and willing to drive. It seems most people only advertise English budgies so I am having a hard time. And the one plum headed breeder I found doesnt plan on interacting with the babies at all (plus there is a language barrier)
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Re: Where can I find local breeders?

Postby Pajarita » Mon Feb 04, 2019 10:26 am

Well, the main reason why budgies are not usually hand-fed are several:
1) they are so little hand-feeding them is real hard because of their size and the fact that they need to eat super often.
2) they are so cheap that putting all that work into them is not profitable.
3) hand-feeding aviary species doesn't really work in the long term, it's only companion species that imprint to humans deep enough to make a difference.
The truth is that only people who are not very knowledgeable in budgies would even attempt to hand-feed...

Plum-head are also aviary and they also kind of revert to aviary once they achieve sexual maturity so hand-feeding them is a bit of a waste of time, same as it is with tiels, budgies, plets, beebees, etc.

Out of curiosity, only - why won't you consider an English Budgie?
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