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Can a cage be too big???

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Can a cage be too big???

Postby joeyhilson22 » Sun May 19, 2019 3:39 am

Hi everyone! My family and I recently got an adorable grey cockatiel from a local shop. He is still unweaned and we're waiting for him to be ready to come home to us. We have had a cockatiel in the past and it's been years since then and we are finally ready for a new addition to our family. The place we got him at requires people to have a cage and I told them we already have two cages. One that's around 20in x 28in x 29in tall and one that is around 24in x 22in x 34 in tall with 1/2in bar spacing. (I know the first one is on smaller side which is why we have the second cage!) When I first sent them pictures of the cages, they told me they were both too big for a baby cockatiel and we had to get a cage from their shop. When I tell them the actual dimensions of the first cage, they told me that its way too small. I completely get that which is why I said we have the larger cage but they said it was too big and that we had to get a new one since both cages were bad. Can a cage be really too big if the bar spacing is okay? The cockatiel will be around 4 months old when he comes home to us and we really just want what's best for him. It's not about the money of getting a new cage, it's more of we already have two and don't want to get another one if it's not entirely necessary. Are we being unresponsible owners?
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Re: Can a cage be too big???

Postby Pajarita » Sun May 19, 2019 8:30 am

Welcome to the forum! No, you are not being irresponsible, they are lying to you. Plain and simple. For one thing, at four months of age, a baby tiel has already fledged so the 'the cage needs to be small' is bullcrap UNLESS the bird is severely clipped in which case you need a cage that is not high at all (because without wings, the bird can fall and hurt itself if the distance to the floor is big) - but I do hope that you are not even considering getting a clipped bird!

Now, the cage that you consider big is not really that big - not for a cockatiel. They need flight cages (meaning both horizontal AND vertical room) so although the depth and height of this cage are OK, the width is not because a bird needs to be able to flap its wings at the very least five times from one end to the other of the cage and, at only 24 in, the bird would not. The other thing is that these high but narrow cages are always too close to the floor and tiels do not like this. I recommend this kind of cage for a tiel: ... way&sr=8-8

Also, please get two of them. Cockatiels are intensely flock oriented birds and, in all honesty, they are not happy unless they live with several other tiels but, a companion or mate goes a long way toward satisfying their needs. A lone cockatiel is not a happy bird and an unhappy bird is a stressed out bird and a stressed out bird is an unhealthy bird. So, please, get another one so your bird can have a reasonably happy and healthy life.
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