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Stressed owner = stressed pet

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Stressed owner = stressed pet

Postby Pajarita » Fri Jun 14, 2019 8:48 am

Study that shows that stressed out owners cause their dogs to also be stressed out and, if it is this way for dogs, imagine how much worse it would be for a parrot! Now, I know that what I am going to say is going to ruffle a lot of feathers but I ALWAYS put the animal's welfare before the human's because, in my mind, the responsibility and commitment you make to an animal is the same you make to a child so I think that people that have chronic depression, anxiety or whatever other form of mental illness should not have parrots - it's great for the human but not fair at all to the bird. And I have often wondered if the fact that I am usually an upbeat person who doesn't really get stressed out or anxious is not one of the main reasons that birds do so well in my house. ... 8852815575
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Re: Stressed owner = stressed pet

Postby GreenWing » Mon Jun 17, 2019 2:39 pm

Chance is very sensitive to my moods. She knows when I am stressed or upset and constantly asks, "Are you okay?"

These birds are so bonded to us and this is why parrots make such loving companions. They experience our emotions and are there for us, whether we know it or not.

I don't agree with you, Pajarita, that parrots not be owned if there is depression or anxiety. I went through a very bad depression and Chance was there for me. Chance remembers that I was there for her, too, when she was abandoned. We have a lot of love for each other.
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