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Cockatiel addicted to mirror.

Discuss the methods and techniques of clicker training, target training and bonding. These are usually the first steps in training a young parrot.

Cockatiel addicted to mirror.

Postby niceties55 » Thu Oct 31, 2019 11:33 am

We have an amazing cockatiel that we love very much and spend a lot of time with him. The only problem is he loves to look at himself in every reflective surface. We had to cover up his food bowls with a cloth. Therefore, when he is out of the cage, he tries to find his reflection in the cage’s shiny wheel, a picture frame, the shiny computer screen and so on. When he looks at himself he gets very “bitey” and nasty.

We cover up the shiny reflection and then he goes back to his amazingly awesome personality instantly.

How do we stop him of this weird habit?

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Re: Cockatiel addicted to mirror.

Postby Pajarita » Fri Nov 01, 2019 10:10 am

Welcome to the forum! He is not trying to look at himself, he is looking for another tiel, in general, and a mate, in particular (and that's why he bites when you try to take him away, he is 'defending'). Tiels are not companion parrots, they are aviary and HIGHLY flock-oriented but I am afraid that this is also a sure symptom of a bird that is overly hormonal (because, unless you live in the Southern Hemispher, no tiel is producing sexual hormones in the Northern Hemisphere right now - the days are too short for it). And that's not good for them because it's not only unhealthy but also physically uncomfortable to the point of chronic pain - as well as completely unnatural, of course, as there is no bird in nature that produces sexual hormones all year round.

You do not say what kind of diet he is getting or what is light schedule but I would guess that he is living under a human light schedule and being free-fed protein - is this the case? Tell us what his diet is and what his light schedule as well as his daily routine and whether he is fully flighted or clipped so we can give you a more precise advice on how to correct this.
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