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New Member with mating question

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New Member with mating question

Postby KarminCaique » Mon May 11, 2020 2:58 pm

Hope everyone is doing welL

I have 2 female caiques: One is 6 and the other one between 8-10.

They are both very loving with us and with each other. They have their moments like we all do.

We noticed the younger one backing to the other caique as she fan her tail. I thought that was a mating move? We did DNA test for both, so we know they are both females. What’s going on?

Sometimes she also locks beaks with the other caique and shakes?

Thank you
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Re: New Member with mating question

Postby Pajarita » Tue May 12, 2020 10:43 am

Hi, Karmin and caiques, welcome to the forum! Well, this is the season. You do not say which species of caiques you have both they all, more or less, breed in late spring and that is exactly the season we are in right now so breeding behaviors this time of the year are perfectly normal. I have two males (a blackcap and a whitebelly/yellow thigh) and they are both being stinkers right now, chewing like maniacs and looking for cavities (especially Javi, the blackcap) and threatening to nip (which they NEVER do, especially Epuish, the whitebelly) whenever I try to thwart them or move them away. Now, if the question is because they are both female... well, this happens very commonly in captive birds because, for one thing, there is no difference in the sexual act for them - male and female, two females or two males is pretty much the same as there is no penetration, just rubbing. For another, sometimes, it's because they attach themselves to the only other bird they have access to (which might very well be the case with your two birds) and, sometimes, they do it because it's what they want. I have a bonded pair of two female amazons that love one another - they even have sex during breeding season and both lay eggs although the younger one (40) does it every year while the older one (55+?) does not and, as a matter of fact, did not do it last year and has not done it this one so far. I've had unattached males they could have chosen from but they chose each other so, in their case, it was a matter of preference and not of necessity and, as far as I am concerned, if this makes them happy, it's good.
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