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My little bird doesn't want to stay in the cage

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My little bird doesn't want to stay in the cage

Postby The egg cake » Sun May 15, 2022 11:26 pm

Geri is my first little bird, he is very close to humans and wants to play with us every day. But it's a little too clingy. He hates being in the cage as long as it's daytime, even if there are toys and food in the cage. He would frantically bang and try to open the cage, a behavior that led to a constant mess in his cage.

I tried to buy him more toys to entice him to stay in his crate and gave up feeding him in the hand and just let him eat in his crate. But that didn't help, now he just flies to the side of the cage when he's hungry and waits for us to open it, then he goes in to eat and after he eats he continues to bang on the cage like crazy until we open it and let him out.

It's not that I hate that he flies around the house, because I really like him. But I was in college and my parents had full time jobs and we didn't have much time for him. And I'm really worried that he's hurting himself by banging on the cage.
The egg cake
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Re: My little bird doesn't want to stay in the cage

Postby Pajarita » Mon May 16, 2022 8:09 am

Welcome, Geri and human. Well, the truth is that no bird likes to be in a cage and who can blame them? The only birds that do are birds that have been damaged and neglected to the point that they have a broken spirit and have lost their joy of life (I have an amazon right now that I've been working on her coming out of her cage for months). But the biggest problem you have is that he is all alone - and that is not only super stressful for any parrot (they are all highly social species that evolved to live in flocks, never by themselves) but, when it comes to aviary species (like budgies are), it's pure misery. Get him a BIG cage, put nice branches of different diameters and shapes for perches and get him a girlfriend. He will not resent staying in it too much because he will have company and entertainment (toys never did and never will work regardless of what other people say).
Norwegian Blue
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