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30 year old parrot suddenly aggressive!

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30 year old parrot suddenly aggressive!

Postby JackieD » Fri May 27, 2022 4:43 pm

Hi everyone, I am hoping to get some advice! I have a 30 year old blue gold rescue named Sunny. We’ve had her for about ten years and generally, she’s really sweet. We’ve had her in an open cage set up without ten year old blue gold Zeke and our 11 year old African grey Chicken. We were told Sunny had never mated. During this time of year she always gets a little weird, but it’s never too bad. This year that is not the case. I told my husband I thought she was acting weirder than normal for mating season, and sure enough, I found a broken egg on the ground a couple of days ago. Since then, she has been extremely aggressive with me. Fluffing up her feathers and spreading her wings and lunging at me. She has NEVER acted this way before. Usually she lets me pet her or keep her on my shoulder while I’m doing chores or whatever. She has never acted remotely interested in Zeke before this week, but my son saw them mating last night. She did let my husband pet her yesterday, but like I said, she won’t let me near her. She’s even aggressive I’ve when I’m putting the food bowls in the cage. I’m so heartbroken. I worked so hard to get her to trust me when we first rescued her and have the scars to prove it, but she’s a completely different bird now. I’m concerned that this will go beyond mating season and she’s just decided I’m not her person anymore. Any advice would be very welcome!
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Re: 30 year old parrot suddenly aggressive!

Postby Pajarita » Sat May 28, 2022 8:23 am

Hi, Jackie, Sunny, Zeke and Chicken, welcome to the forum. If she is being fed right and kept at a solar schedule, she will be fine in less than a couple of months when she stops producing sexual hormones and goes into molt. BUT, if she isn't (meaning she is free-fed protein food and kept at a human light schedule), she might not. All my birds go into breeding condition during their season, be it the spring (long-day breeders) or the fall (long day breeders, like African greys, for example) get a little snippy during their breeding season but, because they are not overly hormonal and they have been with me long enough to trust me, they don't get aggressive, just a bit 'temperamental' (the males watch me like a hawk when I get close to their nest) -well, let me rephrase that, they don't get aggressive with me but they would with anybody else. Macaws are long-day breeders so the time for her to breed is right BUT all large macaws, and especially the B&Gs, are low hormone birds so her aggression toward you is a bit strange considering she loves and trusts you AND she is a female (it's usually the males that get all protective) - which would indicate she is overly-hormonal and not 'normal' hormonal.

So my advice to you is: get her a box where she can lay her eggs properly, buy fake eggs and replace the real eggs with them or simply put two eggs in the nest, get some Calciboost and give her an extra calcium dosage for every egg she lays (this is assuming she had good calcium levels to begin with), re-evaluate her light schedule and diet and make whatever corrections are needed, and simply wait her out. Once she stops producing sexual hormones, she will be her usual sweet self.
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