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Assembling Aluminum Travel Cage and Review

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Re: Assembling Aluminum Travel Cage and Review

Postby Zula » Fri Dec 09, 2011 6:19 pm

Michael, I soooo wish I knew you wrote a review about those alum. carriers, because I bought the small one. It came today and even though very pretty (my birds will travel first class now!), I found out that it does NOT have the bottom grate. Very dissapointing. I called their Customer Service to ask if they did not feel it was a safety issue because the tray can fall inside the cage rather easily creating an easy escape route for a bird. Their response was, "No. We sell a lot of those carries."

I am only hoping that my handy husband can think of something to keep the tray in place. Maybe placing the inside perch as close to the bottom as possible will help. But still, at this price (I paid $110 total) it should be made with more safety in mind.

I am pretty sure I am done with King's Cages brand for good.

Not long ago I bought a small parrot cage and when assembled, it looked just awful. It was small and narrow but the entire consturction of it looked like it was meant for a dangerous animal! LOL

Their customer service is not good as well. Not to mention that both the cage and the carrier came w/out any whatsoever instructions how to assemble them.

Thank you Michal for sharing your thoughts about the alum. carrier. I wish I saw it earlier.
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Re: Assembling Aluminum Travel Cage and Review

Postby audys » Sat Jul 26, 2014 3:49 pm

Great review and photos. With this information, I both 2 aluminum bird cages (one large, one travel) directly from Kings Cages in February 2014. After only 18 WEEKS of use, all 3 feeder door locks cracked & broke on my aluminum cage and no longer lock. The bird can slide the lock open from the inside since the plastic parts no longer lock. The feeder door locks cannot be replaced because the company is out of these parts. Communication with Kings Cages has been frustrating so beware of the fragile plastic pieces that some with the aluminum cage. BEWARE of these cages and their fragile plastic parts.
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