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Trained Parrot Blog Comments Section Rules & FAQ

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Trained Parrot Blog Comments Section Rules & FAQ

Postby Michael » Thu Jun 10, 2010 11:47 pm

I am starting the training blog to not only chronicle my experience with the new baby Cape Parrot I am getting, but also to share every detail of parrot training that I can provide. Having built a solid training background with Kili, my Senegal Parrot, I would now like to share everything I've learned with all parrot owners and enthusiasts. Thus I start my blog as a free center of parrot knowledge presentation.

Unlike other blogs were comments are posted directly underneath each post, I decided to route all comments through theparrotforum to encourage greater participation. This should help bring new members to the parrot forum as well that may have found the blog from outside and would like to comment. It is a mutually beneficial relationship between forum and blog. In the meantime the blog is limited to just me as a writer but there is potential to open it to additional writers in the future if there is interest.

I started the - Parrot Training Blog Comments section on the forum to facilitate the comments that will also be displayed underneath each blog post on the blog. In order to post a comment, you must be a member of theparrotforum. Membership is free so feel free to join if you haven't already. All responses posted in this section will appear under respective articles on the blog.

On top of existing rules of theparrotforum, there are a few more rules/procedures specifically for the - Parrot Training Blog Comments section of theparrotforum. All posts made to this section of the forum are subject to the following rules:

1) All posts made in the - Parrot Training Blog Comments section may be viewable on the website. Thus by posting anywhere in this section, you are authorizing to respost any content you post to this section including the actual post, your avatar, your username, and any other public profile details that you provide to theparrotforum. If you do not wish your information and post to be viewable on the website, do not post to this section of the forum.

2) Keep replies simple and on topic. Please avoid doing extravagant formatting, linking, embedding, etc. because these may not be retransmitted correctly in the comments section on the blog. Any formatting that creates issues is subject to removal. I will sooner try to upgrade the trainedparrot forum bridge to be able to display our forum style formatting but I cannot guarantee to carry over every feature, so just try to keep formatting plain to avoid it getting messed up.

3) Since all replies posted in the Training Blog Comments section show up on the website, all posts are subject to my discretion. Since I'm putting a tremendous amount of effort into creating all the articles and content for the blog, I really don't want to have to deal with comments that undermine the purpose or efforts of the blog. I don't want spam, personal attacks, off topic discussions, excessive criticism, or anything else that would drive readers away from the training blog. So while I try to keep the forum rules very lenient and vague, this comment section is not the place to push it. As it is difficult to make specific rules governing what is acceptable to post here and what isn't I am just going to make a blanket statement that all comments made to this section are subject to removal pending my personal decision. Most of you probably know that I am quite lenient so you don't have to worry about excessive moderation here so don't let this statement hold you back from posting, I just have to protect my blog so I have to retain control over what ends up on there. If you have a strong criticism of my methodology or anything on the blog, I would appreciate it if you would start a separate section to discuss that concept in full and under the more lenient forum rules.

I will do my best to keep blog discussions off the main forum and only down in the blog section of forum. So likewise, I ask that if someone wishes to start a hot topic about something stemming from the blog, that you make the forum post about the concept rather than the specific blog post. If you have any personal issues, I ask that you PM me rather than discussing them in the blog section or main forum. The purpose of the comments section is to facilitate questions, comments, suggestions, and relevant discussions of the concepts in the main articles on the blog. Anything else should have its own topic on the main forum. These rules are subject to change without notice. All posts made to the comments section are subject to the latest and most current revision of these rules.
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