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Pod's current trick list--suggestions?

Exchange information about how to teach specific tricks to parrots. Most of these techniques should apply to all bird species. Share your success stories.

Pod's current trick list--suggestions?

Postby DanaandPod » Thu Dec 04, 2014 3:12 pm

Hi. Pod can now: turn, wave, target, fly perch to perch and to my hand, lift his wings when I say "Eagle" and point, fetch a ball and put it in my hand,also fetches a chain ball and does the same, stack three small cups inside one another, put dice into a cup, and undo the latches on a child door latch puzzle, and I have ordered the parrot puzzle. I am not really interested in the nod and shake although for a while I was literally trying to get him to nod because i wanted to teach him to take a stick and bang keys on a xylophone. but, I gave up! I prefer the tricks where he is directly interacting such as putting the ball in my hand which is why I decided not to get the basket ball hoop. I think his favorite trick is the stacking of cups. (I basically took the top three small cups off of a toddlers stacking cups toy to use)
If anyone has any suggestions of some more tricks let me know please! Thanks!
Piccolo and Pod
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Re: Pod's current trick list--suggestions?

Postby Gabriel » Fri Mar 20, 2015 11:06 am

The 'play dead' trick would be a great trick to teach your parrot. :)
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