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Are the parrots real?

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Are the parrots real?

Postby DanielFPlayz » Wed Sep 21, 2022 5:02 pm

I want to know if the parrots are real because one time I recently got scammed for yellow-naped amazon parrots but did get my money back since I canceled the transaction. I just want to know are the parrots real? Thanks!

Sincerely, Daniel Ferreyra
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Re: Are the parrots real?

Postby Pajarita » Thu Sep 22, 2022 11:03 am

Hi, Daniel and flock, welcome to the forum. I don't quite understand your question... I am sorry you were scammed but glad you figured it out and got your money back. I assume you are talking about sending money as a deposit for birds that would be shipped or delivered to you, something we always tell people never to do (we also do not believe in shipping them). There are plenty of 'real' parrots for adoption... I have two yellow napes myself, an unaged male (Zeus) and a 41 year old female (Prrecie). They both came to me because of aggression and, although it took me years and lots of lost blood ( :lol: ) to 'calm down' Zeus, I never had a single problem with Precie... she never even tried to bite. They are two of the best behaved parrots I have, they don't bite, don't scream, don't destroy everything they can get their beaks around, don't fight with other birds and are fabulous eaters and good bathers... so much so that, my husband who took years and years to begin to appreciate parrots adores them and constantly says they are the best birds we have because they don't even really leave their cage (the cage is always open -day and night), they just go in and out as they please and because I have a large plastic mat under the cage, they don't even mess the floor!
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