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Cockatiel not remembering owner

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Cockatiel not remembering owner

Postby Izzy » Sun Jul 28, 2019 8:43 pm

I left on a trip with my mom where i couldn’t bring my cockatiels so I had to leave them at home with my dad for 2 weeks. I came back and my female cockatiel remembers me and gives me love and kisses but my male cockatiel seems to not remember me. He always has his little mohawk up and he backs up when i try to kiss him which he never used to do. He kind of shakes a little when i hold him and he always is giving me strange looks. He remembers my mother and gets very excited to see her enter the room, he kisses her and whistles his tunes to her but as soon as i get him he goes quiet and the mohawk comes up. I don’t understand whats going on and i want to have his love again:(.
He used to get super excited to see me enter the room, he would fly to me and cling to me, whistles at me and cuddles. But now im just on high alert with him.
Does he not remember me or is he mad? Can It be fixed??? Pls help:(
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Re: Cockatiel not remembering owner

Postby Pajarita » Mon Jul 29, 2019 9:07 am

Hi, Izzy and friends, welcome to the forum! I am sorry your are disappointed in your little bird's reaction but, in truth, cockatiels are not companion parrots, they are aviary, so they don't really bond deeply to human beings. Of course this does not mean they cannot trust you, like you and even love you, it's only that they see you as a mere friend, a flock-mate, so I would not take this as a personal offense. Having said that, if he is still OK with your mother and only reacting this way to you, it might be the way you are treating him. Now, don't misunderstand me, I am sure you love him and that you are doing your best but parrots are difficult pets to keep happy and very hard to read. The reason why I am saying this is that you mention his body trembles when you hold him and that he tries to get away from you so, if he is not coming to you willingly but and you are still holding him -correct me if I am wrong- but you must be forcing it (grabbing him and holding him when he doesn't want you to?). Cockatiels do not like to be held... they would perch on your head or shoulders and they might even preen your face and hair but they do NOT like being held (it's what a predator that is going to eat them would do). And that will mess everything up with a little aviary bird. Is it possible that your mother does not grab the birds and this is the reason why they like her better? See, aviary birds are not like companion ones because even when they are hand-fed, the bond is very superficial and it almost always disappears once they become adults (you did not say how old the birds are and that info would help a lot in understanding the situation) so you can't expect the same behaviors in aviary than you would from a companion parrot. The other issue could be hormones -again, you don't mention diet or light schedule so we are missing essential info- because when a male is hormonal, he is not going to be very patient about anything.

So, please, come back and tell us their age, what their diet is, what light schedule they follow, if they are clipped or flighted, how many hours they are allowed to come out of their cage (and fly?) and whether there is a basic difference in the way your mother interacts with them and the way you do it and we will be able to give you a more precise reply as to why and help you overcome the problem.
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