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Postby Michael » Sun Apr 25, 2010 11:16 pm

I do my best to delete spam in a timely manner, however, on occasion some gets through when I'm not around. Please do not encourage the spammers in any way. For your own protection, never click their links (clearly if it's not talking about parrots in the post, the link is spam) or buy whatever they are trying to sell. If you click their link, they'll probably be able to track traffic coming from the forum and it will only encourage them post more spam here. Also, please do not respond to them. Not only does this encourage them to post more because they realize people see their annoying spam, but also, when I delete them as a user along with their posts, the topic ends up staying up because the responses don't get deleted since they are from other members (but the disgusting subject line remains).

Please don't PM me or "Admin" about spam unless it's been up in excess of 48 hours. I do my best to come on the forum daily (and usually more than once) so the first thing I do is check for spam and delete it. Thus normally it won't be up more than a few hours. On occasion I am away for a bit longer and simply cannot get to it and unfortunately there isn't much else that can be done other than ignoring it. Messaging me about it generally doesn't help because I don't see the messages till I have a chance to sign onto the forum and by the point I sign on, I check for spam anyway.

Besides getting more moderators, the only thing I can do to prevent spam is to disallow new members from posting images or links. I really would prefer to avoid doing that as it would hurt new members from being able to post pictures of birds or share links to interesting parrot stuff. So as a community, let's do our best not to encourage the spammers in any way so that we wouldn't have to resort to such measures. Hopefully the spam isn't too much of an issue for everyone and we will do our best to enjoy the community without getting too much bothered by those pesky spammers.
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